About this Benchmark

This is a comprehensive benchmark that compares the performance of different combinations of JPA providers and Database Management Systems (DBMS). It covers many JPA ORM providers (Hibernate, EclipseLink, OpenJPA and DataNucleus) and DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Derby, HSQLDB, H2, HSQLite) that are available in Java.

The benchmark is published by ObjectDB Software Ltd., but it should be useful also for anyone that is interested only in RDBMS and ORM (and not in object databases). Please read the FAQ for more details.

How to use this Website

The top navigation bar divides this website into 3 sections:

The Benchmark section
This section includes general information about the benchmark, as well as result summary for every JPA implementation, DBMS and combination of JPA/DBMS that has been tested in this benchmark. Use the left side bar to navigate in this section.

The Results section
This section presents the benchmark results - use filters to focus on specific tests, operations and batch modes.

The Comparison section
In this section you can see performance comparisons between every two JPA/DBMS combinations that have been tested.

How to Run the Benchmark

The benchmark program is available as open source under the GPL license.

You can run the benchmark on any computer with Java 6 or above. Just download it and follow the README.

Please read the FAQ for more details.